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            歡迎光臨泡沫混凝土 – 華泰新材官方網站!
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            發布時間:2014-08-20 分類:產品中心, 泡沫混凝土發泡劑 信息來源:www.jsttf.com

            ??????? HTQ-1型復合發泡劑是用特別的成分加工、變形、合成所制作出來的一種無污染的強力發泡劑,具用良好的發泡能力,其性能為中性,與水有很好的親和性,與水混合時是淡黃色透明溶液,能在水泥漿中產生大量的氣泡,氣泡相互獨立并均勻分布在水泥漿中,形成大量封閉的孔隙,所以泡沫混凝土具有良好的保溫隔熱隔音效果。



            HTQ-1型復合發泡劑主要應用于免蒸加氣混凝土砌塊、墻體的生產制作。其可對水泥、氧化鎂、石灰、石膏、石粉、鋸末、粉煤灰、沙、造紙廢渣白泥等多種原材料發泡,制成泡沫混凝土砌塊、 隔墻板、板條、空心磚、實心磚、熱力管道保護套、屋頂隔熱板等多種輕質泡沫建材,也可用于屋面、地暖、室內保溫隔熱隔音墊層制作。


            HTQ-1 composite foam

            ???????? HTQ-1 composite foam components with a special processing, deformation, produced by the synthesis of a non-polluting power foam, a foam with a good capacity, and its performance for the neutral, and water has a good affinity when mixed with water is a light yellow transparent solution that can generate a large number of slurry bubble, bubble independent of each other and uniformly distributed in the slurry, the formation of a large number of closed pores, so the bubble has a good thermal insulation of concrete the effect of noise insulation.

            The main raw materials:
            The use of pollution-free of animal protein and plant protein, either for producers or users and the environment will not produce any negative effects.

            Performance characteristics:
            ① than HTW-1, HTD-1, slightly higher cost blowing agent;
            ② made independent of the foam concrete porosity, connectivity between each other, small water absorption;
            ③ improved foam concrete strength, lower density, to prevent the block crack;
            ④ in the low temperature (5 ℃) in use, no significant changes in foam properties.

            Scope of application:
            HTQ-1 is mainly used in compound-free steamed foam aerated concrete block, wall production. It may be cement, magnesia, lime, gypsum, powder, sawdust, fly ash, sand, paper sludge and other materials Pak Nai foam, made of foam concrete block, wall board, lath, hollow bricks, heat pipe protection kits, roof insulation foam board and other lightweight building materials, can also be used for roofing, and heating, indoor noise insulation cushion production

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